We combine entertainment and competition with technology.


PetroLig Games, a 100% subsidiary of Petrol Ofisi, is a technology and game companyoffering entertaining content and aiming to bring the joy of life and competition to everyone.

Our priority is to keep our team excited and dynamic while providing our players with an entertaining game experience. To accomplish our goals, we invest in the future, potential, talent, and new technologies and consistently renew them to keep up with our audience and innovations.

We set out with mobile games to go beyond the ordinary in the technology and game industries and developed Turkey's first and the most popular fantasy football game, Petrol Ofisi Sosyal Lig. Sosyal Lig, which offers football coach experience by forming a squad from Super League football players, has more than 3.3 million players! In Petrol Ofisi Sosyal Lig, which is based on real match statistics, players continue to compete for weekly, four-week tournament, and seasonal rankings!

Our dream is to reach a broad audience by taking extraordinary initiatives in the field of mobile entertainment and technology with a focus on technology and transformation.

We bring together smart, talented, and fun people around this mission. If you trust your talent and potential, you have a place in Petrolig Games!


Player Experience

We believe in the power of data, and as a result of detailed analysis and research, we make investments and developments that will make the gaming experience even more enjoyable.


With the games we develop, we integrate entertainment into our players’ lives, as we do everything with fun.


We believe in the power of imagination! We chase after impossible ideas and make them possible.

Equality, Inclusion, and Diversity

At Petrolig Games, we set a high bar for equality, inclusion, and diversity. We create anenvironment for our employees to show up to work as their authentic selves and fulfill their true potentials and design our games that foster the same values.


Petrol Ofisi Sosyal Lig

With over 3.3 million players, Petrol Ofisi Sosyal Lig is the first and the most popular fantasy football game exclusive to the Super League. Every week, players build their dream squad with Super League footballers with a particular transfer budget and earn points according to the Social League scoring systems based on the actual weekly match statistics and join the competition to get one step closer to the prizes throughout a season.


Developed by Petrolig Games with the contributions of Istanbul Technical University Disaster Management Institute faculty members, pedagogues and more than 3.3 million Social League Fantasy Football players, the educational game application called 'Tatbikat' aims to increase the earthquake awareness of everyone. Tatbikat, which teaches how to stay safe in an earthquake, consists of 3 main stages: 'Before an earthquake, during an earthquake and after an earthquake'. The game is completed by fulfilling different tasks aimed at raising awareness of preparedness for earthquake at each stage.


A place that is innovative, proactive, creative, and full of talent:PetroLig Games. We become stronger by supporting every member of our team and work together to improve ourselves. If you want to be part of our team that works with a passion that grows every day and aims to make a huge impact, take a look at our job postings.



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