We combine entertainment and competition with technology.


PetroLig Games, a 100% subsidiary of Petrol Ofisi, is a technology and game company. We offer entertaining content and aim to bring the joy of life and competition to everyone.

Our priority is to keep our team excited and dynamic while providing our players with an entertaining game experience. To accomplish our goals, we invest in the future, potential, talent, and new technologies and consistently renew them to keep up with our audience and innovations.

Driven by our dreams and goals, we began our journey with mobile games, and where we stand now is pleasing. For the last five years, Sosyal Lig, Turkey's first and only fantasy football game, is played by nearly 3 million players! And even as you read this, the number is constantly growing.

It is just the beginning. We set our sights on reaching a broad audience in mobile entertainment and technology to become a company that creates value with its products.

Everyone who trusts their talent and potential have a place at PetroLig Games. Join us, let’s grow together.



Every opportunity is an investment space for us. PetroLig Games grows and evolves by investing in technology, talent, and the future.


Too special to be acquired later and sometimes too hidden to be noticed. As PetroLig Games, we believe discovering and revealing the talent is what makes our team unique. We work to gather these talents and grow them within our organization.


To build the present and the future, we recognize the importance of revealing the potential. All technologies with investment potential, as our employees and end-users, are gems yet-to-be-discovered. We believe in the power of this opportunity!


The speed of technological changes, the transformation of the players' experience and needs, the transition of talent into benefit... We will always follow and adapt to this transformation at the same pace.


With over 2.8 million players, Sosyal Lig is the first and only fantasy football game exclusive to the Turkish Super League.

Every week, players assemble an imaginary team out of Turkish Super League footballers with a particular budget in real-time to score points based on the real game statistics and compete with other players throughout the football season.


Imagine somewhere innovative, proactive, creative, and full of talent. That is PetroLig Games. We become stronger by supporting every member of our team and work to improve together. With a passion that grows every day, we realize our dreams and aim to create a significant impact.

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